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Описание Описание 1. Size: length 3.2cm * width 1.5cm * thick 0.8cm. Weight: 7g 2. Type-C plug to USB jack; suitable for replacing the USB plug of the data cable with a Type-C plug for power supply or transfer data to a device with a Type-C jack; such as charging with a Type-C output jack mobile power bank; laptop and more. 3. Support OTG; a plug-in support for OTG protocol Type-C phone; plug the other end of the U disk; removable hard disk (or other USB peripherals); can read the data. (Measured capacity 1T hard drive can be used normally). You can also use the Micro-USB / Type-C or Lightning data cable to read Android or Apple phone internal data; and charge these phones 4. Zinc alloy shell material. 5. For charging and data transfer; portable; convenient and practical; with elastic lanyard

Hoco UA9 Type-C OTG adapter

Cod SKU: sp640
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