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Описание Описание Car charger Z27 Staunch dual USB in-car charging adapter set with 1m Lightning / Micro USB / Type-C cable multiple circuit protection universal 1. Product material: PC + metal ring. 2. Input: DC12-24V. 3. Output: USB 1: DC5V / 2.4A; USB2: DC5V / 2.4A. Total car charger output DC5V / 2.4A Max. 4. Dual USB output. 5. Multiple circuit protection. 6. Sizes: length * diameter: 65 * 26mm; total weight: 42g. 7. Available sets with X20 Flash 1m white Lightning; Micro-USB or Type-C charging cable; wire core specification: 72pcs.

Hoco Z27 Staunch dual port in-car charger set(Type-C)

Cod SKU: sp567
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